I have been trying to cook Vegetarian more…about 3 nights a week.  Organic/grass fed meats are really expensive, and I believe that eating less meat is better for my health and better for the planet.  But after three veggie meals in a row, my hubby was begging for meat.  His entire “request” list from the store was meat.  So I figured it was time for a steak.

Friday night is usually our “date night.”  We feed the kids, put them to bed, and then open a favorite bottle.  One of the clubs that we belong to is Wellington Vineyards, a small winery in Glen Ellen, CA.  They don’t distribute to stores, they are a “green” business, and a really good deal.  We get 6 bottles, twice a year (but frequently add to the order.)  They have some really unique wine…a white port (YUM!) and Noir de Noir (Alicante Bouchet, double yum!) are two stand outs.

Last night we opened a 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon.  I know, I know…too soon.  But as mentioned in a previous post, I have trouble being patient with wine sometimes.  And I really wanted a Cab, so I opened the “less special” one.  Which was, and wasn’t a mistake.  Yes, it was a bit young, but after a trip through the aerator and some time to open, it was really prefect with the dinner.  DH grilled a T-bone and I just made some quick horseradish potatoes and grilled asparagus.  It was full, but not heavy.  Great finish, good fruit, light on the oak.  The middle was a little rough at first because of its age (or lack thereof) but smoothed out as it opened.  We enjoyed it thoroughly, as we always do with a bottle of Wellington, but I can only imagine how delish it would have been in five years.  I think we may be adding another to the next order so that I don’t have to wonder.

Wine-really tasty, but a bit young

Pairing-A, big enough for  a steak, but not as big as many Cabs so the perfect match for an unadorned steak when it is 105 degrees.