As of this morning, I have a Buzz…Buzz Parlor that is.  My super-organized friend has launched a website this morning that is designed to help moms like me.

“Wait…HOW long has it been since I last scrubbed this tub?”

” Oh, I have 15 minutes…what is the MOST neglected chore in my house that MUST be done?”

“What in the world am I making for dinner?”

I have already confessed in an earlier post to being not the best in the plan ahead department, so my need for a site such as this should not surprise you.  Even if you are a stellar planner, we could all use a week, or two, or three off from it.  We could all use some more brain space to devour a novel, or watch embarrassingly bad reality tv.  I am telling you, this may change your world.

Now, in full disclosure, I am not just a client, I am…well, let’s just say that you may recognize the blog.  And the pairings.

Check out the site, sign up, and get your Buzz.