Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, this is worth the read. Our family has never put a big emphasis on gifts, even less as we got older. We wanted to avoid the stress of the mall, the “I have to find SOMETHING” wastes of money, the financial burden. But maybe, we still were getting it wrong. The right sentiment, but the wrong conclusion.
Do you really NEED another pair of shoes, another sweater, the bling? Do you need it as much as the mother who is struggling to put ANYTHING in her child’s mouth? To have water that isn’t going to give her dysentery?
Maybe instead of giving nothing, we should have been giving to those who REALLY need something for Christmas…

When Christmas Gets Radical: Whose Birthday Is It Really?

After you have chewed on that…hear this.  There are a lot of organizations that will still allow you to buy gifts and still support the moms I mentioned above. (LOVE these bags!) 

These are just a few…do you know of any?  Please share in the comments below!