This week has left me pummeled by the cedar pollen.  My taste buds are crying for some relief.  Fortunately, I did get one good wine-tasting in before my ability to discern anything took a dive.  Thanks to the fine folks of Central Market for showcasing a lovely little Rosé on Wednesday-Chateau L’Ermitage.  Priced at around $10-12, this blend of Syrah, Mouvedre, and Grenache is one of the best Rosés I have had.

Dry, complex, with a touch of red fruit, this Rosé has a really clean finish.  Not to mention, it is pretty to look at.  Some Rosés seem to have a bit of a bite at the end; not this lovely.  It drank like a bottle twice its price.  If you are north of the Mason-Dixon, it is unlikely you’ll need relief from the warmer reds anytime soon.  Lucky for you, they have the same blend in red.

Try pairing the Rosé with a pork dish- I am thinking it would be great with the tenderloin I made earlier this year with herbs, roasted peppers, and goat cheese.  As the weather warms, it would be great with BBQ.  The red blend would drink well with some gruyere or other semi-strong cheese, lighter pastas, or game.  You could go in many directions; just pair it as you would other medium-bodied reds.

Think of Chateau L’Ermitage as the perfect sweater.  It is a bargain and it fits so well, you buy it in two colors. That way you have one that goes with everything.