A few days ago, a friend (we’ll call her “Mama K)” posted on my Facebook page about wanting to taste the Dreaming Tree wines.  If you missed the post, Dreaming Tree is the collaborative effort of Mr. Dave “Yummy” Matthews and Sonoma winemaker, Steve Reeder.  Mama K said that if his wine was anywhere near as good as his music, we were in for  a treat.  A few days later, I found a bottle and we set up a playdate.

Then we got to brainstorming.  What if we had a few moms join us, then we could all discuss the wine?  Even better, what if several SAHMs and friends, near and far,  joined us and wrote their own reviews? And thus was born, The SAHMmelier Play and Taste Party.

Dreaming Tree Crush is currently on sale at Target for only $9.99 which makes it a perfect candidate for a “Monday Wine.”  Plus, it will be easy to grab a bottle when you are out buying diapers or detergent.  The website has a full tasting notes page on the wine, but I am going to challenge you to NOT look at it until you have tasted and given your own descriptors.  Remember, they don’t have to be “correct.”  Just enjoy the discovery!  We will post our reviews and encourage you to comment with your thoughts on the wine.  Each month we will pick a new wine and announce it a few days before the Taste and Play.  If you have a suggestion for a Monday wine , let us know.

Now, don’t worry.  We are all responsible moms and will only be tasting.  There won’t be time for more than a sip or two amongst the bedlam of little ones anyway.  But, it will be a great social escape at the end of a long day.    So, how about it?  Want to play?