Riesling Goes With Everything, and Sixteen Other Rules for Pairing Wine with Food.

Meg Houston Maker is a food and wine blogger and recently posted this piece in Palate Press. I thought I would pass it along since I feel she gives some really good tips for beginners.  As I said in my bio, trial and error leads to knowledge.  As you develop more of a sense of the qualities of certain wines and how they blend with your food, you will develop your own “rules,” which I hope are flexible.  I really liked how Meg talked about how the knowledge and experience gained from cooking for years helps. It allows you discern nuances in the wine and what flavors compliment each other.  She did not, nor does anyone, gain this kind of insight over night.  So, be gracious with yourself and enjoy the journey. If you missed this post originally, here is a bit more encouragement to enjoy the exploration: Calling All Wallflowers.  Want to learn more about Riesling?  Check out Sprechen Sie Riesling?