Humble Pie

Love that I just publically posted that I obviously haven’t mastered the “reblog.”   I thought that I would just get a draft I could go back and edit as I do when I share articles. Sorry for all of the typos and such if you received my accidental reblog of a post from The Feminist Kitchen.  Her piece is great, and worth reading, but my quick draft of “comments”  looks like I let my four year old on the computer.  And apparently, I can’t delete it.  Humbling moment 782 this week.

I guess this is also a good opportunity to explain why I haven’t been writing.  If you have ever had a toddler on steroids and breathing treatments, you understand that it takes every ounce of cerebral energy to get through the day.  And although he has recovered, I have not.    I have been drinking wine, just haven’t been able to write.   I will write very soon.  Thanks for your patience with my goof.




5 responses

  1. Well, I understand you perfectly – our son had croup quite often until the age of 9 or 10 – when you wake up during the night hearing that your baby cannot breathe…it is not pretty. I still remember countless hours by the steamy shower or by the open freezer (we tried all we could before settling for steroids). For a while, a bottle of steroids was our traveling companion anywhere we went.
    But – it should go away with time…
    And not to worry – will wait for your next blog post :)

    • No fun, huh? At 2, he has had croup 3-4 times with one trip to the ER. Scary stuff. And the steroids are just awful. My already high-energy guy was just off the walls and frustrated for a week. Not good company for a dramatic four year old sister ;) Thank you for understanding!

  2. No need to apologize. A mom’s job is never done, especially, when she needs to care for a sick child. Enjoy your wine and relax. Wishing you a calm, peaceful and relaxing mother’s day!

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