A Carnivore’s Dream

Sunday afternoon I had the pleasure of volunteering with the Wine and Food Foundation at Cowboys and Gauchos.  These people know how to put on a fabulous event.  Picture flamenco dancers, fire pits, clinking glasses, and smiling faces and you kind of get an idea of the day. 


The event was held out at the Salt Lick Pavillion and included a wide variety wines from Texas, Argentina, and Uruguay.  The grilled meats ranged from lamb to antelope, beef tongue to buffalo.  Matt McGinnis did a fantastic write up on the event, but I wanted to share some of my personal highlights.  I skipped the wines I was familiar with and tried those that were new.  I only got to some of the food vendors but everything was delicious.


Wild Boar Tacos from Fore

The chorizo gastrique from Cafe Josie

The wild bison chili from High Country Bison

The whole lamb from IO Ranch and the whole pig from Tink Pinkard




Becker Vineyards Provencal Rose

The debut of Hye Meadows’ wines

Flat Creek Tempranillo and Cuvee Blanc

Pedernales Cellars GSM

El Libre Torrentes and Rose

Alamosa Wine Cellars Graciano

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