A few weeks ago I hosted a dinner party to sample some Petite Sirah that I was graciously sent from members of P.S. I Love You.  I chose to limit it to six bottles that night for a few reasons.  I feel like that is about the max I can evaluate fairly before palate fatigue sets in and I wanted to opportunity to try some alternate pairings.

It is a guarantee that on the rare occasion that my husband goes to the store, he will come home with one of his favorites. Usually it is something that his frugal wife doesn’t buy.  Yesterday he went and came home with some big ol’ lamb chops which he does on the grill with rosemary.  For sides, he bought a baguette and stuff for a salad.  He requested some kind of cheese appetizer, but hadn’t picked one out.  Time to dig in the drawer. I decided on goat cheese and I added some rosemary and black pepper.  Now for the fun part- what to open?


I decided it was time to send in the reserves: 2008 Guglielmo Private Reserve from the Santa Clara Valley ($25).  I knew many of the Petite Sirah producers had suggested game for pairings and, of the three I’d saved, this one looked like it would be the best fit.  I decanted and got everything else ready.

In appearance, it looked lighter than most of the others, less purple, more cranberry.    The nose was big berries, a little cocoa, and cinnamon stick. The fruit was well-integrated and balanced with the spice.  From the first sip, I knew I had chosen well.  The fruit complimented the herbal notes.  It was big enough to hold up to the lamb but didn’t over power the goat cheese.  I served some Kalamata olives with the bread and cheese and those were fabulous with it as well.

This is an elegant wine.  Not over-the-top, but firm. Plum, blackberry, and spice.  Food friendly and approachable.  Again, I find myself further impressed with the range and the value in the variety.  And I still have two more bottles in reserve.  Cheers to that.

{Disclosure- I was provided this wine as a media sample.  All opinions are my own.}