This month’s topic elicited several interesting responses, as I hoped it would.  What I found most interesting was how the word “devotion” caused so many of you angst.  Even more interesting to me was how the response was almost unanimously divided by male/female response.  Many men felt uncomfortable with the word.  Whether because of the religious denotation or the idea of sacrifice, it was perceived as a negative concept.  Others looked at it as a loving gesture of sacrifice, of the natural give and take in relationships, as an affinity for a particular wine.  As an educator with a penchant for studying human behavior/relationships etc., I could have formed a whole study over this, but I’ll save you my thoughts.  The observation alone may elicit even more unfavorable responses, but take from it what you will.

Okay, now for the results.

On the podium with a BRONZE medal is Talk-a-Vino with his wrestling match with the term Devotion – The Blog Post I Can Not Write.

Taking home the SILVER medal is a sentimental tale of pink and blue, love served with every meal, and a special hope chest treasure, Armchair Sommelier with MWWC#7:  Requiem for a Potholder.

And for showing us that devotion can be an amazing act of love, The Sweet Sommelier wins GOLD with her tale of Devotion for her daughter.

So, Kara, congratulations and now it is your turn to pick the term for #MWWC8!  Now to finish packing my kitchen as the demo got moved up 2 days…aah!!! Wish me luck and lots of wine over the next six weeks.  The fact that I will keep trying to cook for my family with no kitchen is my big act of devotion and sacrifice.  But the results should be well worth it!