It’s Wedding Season-Texas Tuesday

When two people choose to commit their lives, it is a beautiful thing. Glasses clink in celebration, guests swoon and capture the day. There are Baby’s Breath, Sweet Alyssum, and Winecups on the tables. Bridal blush, Bridal Veil and plenty of Texedos…

No, not Tuxedo, TEXedo. It is a lovely little Dolcetto. IMG_6466
Oh, I’m sorry, you thought I meant THAT kind of Wedding. My apologies. No, I’m referring to Wedding Oak Winery and their new location at the Wildseed Farms. Ok, what was I saying…


Ah yes, when two people commit their lives…

Penny Adams has been involved in Texas wine for decades. She began in Horticulture, then Viticulture, and then moved on to winemaking. After becoming the first female winemaker in Texas, she moved to vineyard and winery consulting and has taught courses on the subjects. Penny became the Viticulture Advisor for Agrilife Extension, Texas Hill Country. She brings years of knowledge and experience to Wedding Oak.

Mike McHenry had grown grapes for Alamosa Wine Cellars before collaborating to open Wedding Oak Winery. His goal was bigger than making wine; it was to revitalize the town of San Saba. He purchased and renovated three buildings, one of which houses the tasting room. Named for a 400 year old tree under which many have exchanged vows, the winery opened in 2012. To expand their audience, they recently opened a tasting room on 290 at Wildseed Farms.

On a recent visit I was able to taste through the line-up of wines from all Texas fruit. There is the aforementioned Bridal Suite. They are also pouring several single grape varieties, a few blends, and next week they will release a series of three wines made especially for the Wildseed Farms Tasting Room.

The Bridal Suite

  • Bridal Veil-Vermentino and Trebbiano combine to create Asian pear, citrus, and floral notes.*
  • Bridal Blush-Orange Muscat, Muscat Cannelli, and Trebbiano bring soft honey, minerality and floral notes. The Tempranillo brings the blush.
  • Bridal Bliss- Charmant method sparkling of Muscat Cannelli pops with orange honey, refreshingly balanced with acidity.
  • Texedo Red-Easy drinking red and black fruit, baking spices, soft mouth-feel, rich without being heavy.*

Single Varieties

  • Albariño-Striking lemon-gold full of sunshine, daffodils, pineapple, great acidity.*
  • Viognier-Meyer Lemon blossom, just picked peach, round and bright.*
  • Dolcetto Rosé- Saignée method, fresh raspberries, great acidity, fresh and easy.*
  • Sangiovese-Bursting with all the cherries: Red, Bing, Black. Rustic and bright.*


  • Tre Vi-A super fun blend of Vermentino, Verdello, and Viognier that hits every note you want in a crisp white. Granny Smith apple, white flowers, lemon pulp, green notes.*
  • Terre Blanc- A Rhône blend of Roussanne, Marsanne, and Viognier with notes of dried apricot, macadamia nuts, herbs and some tannins. Thanksgiving wine!
  • Tioja- Mostly Tempranillo with Tannat and Cab yields red and black fruit, rosemary and rose petals, orange peel and baking spices.*

Wildseed Farms Wines

  • Baby’s Breath-Riesling dominates; Roussanne, Muscat Cannelli, and the “V” grapes balance out the blend. Baked apples, honey, citrus, minerality.
  • Sweet Alyssum-Muscat Cannelli and Riesling shine in this sweet and floral blend.
  • Winecup- An Italian blend, mostly Montepulciano, in which the fruit and violets shine and leave a soft, warm finish.

*Indicates a personal favorite.

Wildflowers and wine? Well, that sounds like a match made in heaven. And whether your plan to visit the Hill Country includes nuptials or not, you’re sure to find something to celebrate at Wedding Oak Winery. Cheers!


{I was given a ride to the winery with Pen and Tell Us and my tastings were complimentary as media. I received no other compensation. Thoughts and opinions are my own.}

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