#NFLChallenge-Can You Sacrifice 1% this Season?

So, I’m going WAY off course today.

It was an idea that came to me on a walk, as most do. I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, The Liturgists. The topic was Suffering. The guest, Scott Harrison, told the story of how and why he began Charity: Water, a non-profit that provides and maintains wells in communities that do not have access to clean water. He discussed the daily burdens, the disease, the desperation of those in the greatest need. And then he shared something promising-it only takes between $10-25,000 to transform an entire community with clean water.

I began to think about the money wasted in this country every day. I began to think about what I waste. I began to think, what if the most privileged, well-paid athletes, celebrities, CEOs in the country…what if everyone with expendable income gave JUST 1% of their wages, for just one month, one year, what could happen?

And then this week, I read about how the schools in Detroit had to shut down their water fountains. And I thought about the families in the Flint area, wondering if they’ve poisoned their children. The children that go to school hungry, those who can’t go to school at all. I thought about the fact that, realistically, the money I’ve spent on alcohol over the last decade could provide a WELL for the next.

I thought about all of the press that the Nike ad has gotten over the last week. I thought of the need that is so apparent. I thought of the Facebook campaigns to raise money for a cause for birthdays. And I thought of this:

The NFL starts this week. What if each team sponsored a well? Or a school? Or a shelter?


So, in the same vein as the Ice Bucket Challenge which brought so much attention to ALS,

I challenge YOU, National Football League, to STAND FOR SOMETHING as a team this season.

Whether it is clean water, school supplies, food pantries, shelters, veterans or any other multitude of non-profits desperately needing help,  as a team, unite.





Even if…

While many non-profits are doing amazing work, some have gotten a bad rap. I’ve listed some below that I like but would love to hear from you. Which ones do you like? What can 1% do?


Mobile Loaves and Fishes

Help One Now

Foster Village

Donors Choose

Well Aware

Cherish Uganda

Safe Place



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