Love at First Sight-Sonoma County


We arrived at nearly midnight, weaving up Plum Creek Road, the canopy above blocked our view below. We entered through a porte-cochere, hidden again, and after a brief tour of the essentials, gave in to pull of the pillow after a long day of travel. As I went to sleep, I wondered what I would see […]

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Taking a Leap-Texas Tuesday


Napa has Stag’s Leap which brings to mind images of strength and grace. Rutherford is the home of Frog’s Leap, a moniker chosen as John Williams leapt out on his own from the aforementioned winery. We’ve all seen a frog leap. Here in the Texas Hill Country, we have Armadillo’s Leap. You’ve never seen an […]

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Passage Way-Passaggio Wines


A passage way symbolizes an opportunity, a decision, the unknown. The phrase conjures several images, several responses. The primary image for me is that of a spring forest, a damp and trodden path, fresh vibrant leaves blocking out the sun, low in the sky. Dew covered ferns line the path. At my furthest point of vision, there […]

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Putting it Out There

Spring break begins tomorrow and my children’s school celebrates this with Arts Day. Performers in a variety of genres are donating their time and talent to give our children a taste of what is possible. Each performance is an expression of self, each has the potential to change a child’s life. Every artist makes a […]

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Sunshine on a Cloudy Day-Spanish Whites


The storms rolled through late last night making for uneasy rest. The clouds continue to hang low after dropping grapefruit size hail west of Austin. While the potential damage is disconcerting, I still find comfort in the storms. We often sit on the front porch, watching, waiting, shouting over the wind and wails. The sun […]

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A Magic Thing-Surf Chateau

Photo from website

“A river seems a magic thing. A magic, moving, living part of the very earth itself.” ― Laura Gilpin River rocks chosen from the Arkansas that bubbles by. Cedar shingles and arched entries to the courtyard. Claw-foot tubs and beadboard, crisp white sheets and cozy couches. The Surf Chateau in Buena Vista, Colorado is like […]

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Bridging Seasons with Roussanne-Texas Tuesday

Summer to fall, winter to spring. While the calendar gives us a definitive line, the weather doesn’t always obey the equinox. One bleeds into the next, hints of change and temperatures tease. Depending on who you ask, this winter has been divine. I wish we’d seen more of a chill. I found myself reaching for […]

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Love is More Than Candy Hearts

Earlier in the week, it was parties and conversation hearts. Heart-shaped cookies and treats for teachers. Our day began with heart-shaped pancakes, homemade cards. We will open a nice bottle later today. Perhaps a Barberesco (stay tuned). That is enough for us. It is our 15th Valentine’s Day together. Our love has changed, our family has […]

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Lost Draw Cellars-Texas Tuesday

Drawing on family tradition, Andy Timmons began farming in the High Plains of Texas. Drawing on experience, he branched into grape-growing after years of cotton and peanuts. Drawing on the wisdom and inspiration of neighbors, he expanded into winemaking. We are drawing the rewards. When Timmons’ nephew, Andrew Sides, married, it was not just a union of hearts; […]

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