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Stay at home mom

“Hey Girl…I love SAHMs”

Two friends.  Two everyday locations.  Two sightings of Ryan Gosling in two days.  Posted too late for me to stalk.  I know, I know.  Generally, I am not starstruck.  I think about how I would like people to respond to me if I were just trying to grab some breakfast or do some shopping.  I play it cool even through the thrill of recognition.  If the opportunity arises, I interact as I would with any stranger.  But I have a feeling that a Gosling sighting might lead to a rapid descent into giggling school-girl.

It did lead to a hilarious game of “Hey, Girl” from the perspective of a mom of young children.  The conversation began with joking about how we could have our kids “run away” right into him.  He’d say, “Hey Girl, cute kids.”  Our eyes would meet and he’d throw Eva to the wind.  And since we were already in dream land, we continued with the fantasy.  I invite you to play along. Or if you have gotten this far and you are a married male, you’re welcome for the tips.

“Hey Girl, you look so sexy in the yoga pants with a smear of Mac and Cheese.”

“Hey Girl, is that Day 2 or Day 3 hair you got goin’ on?”

“Hey Girl, those stretch marks are just souvenirs, signs of the strength of your body.”

“Hey Girl, don’t get up, I’ve got the dishes.  Then I’ll give you a massage.”

“Hey Girl, you gonna eat those crackers on the floor of your mini van? I’m kinda hungry.”

“…and I’ll vacuum it for you when we get home.  In my boxer briefs.”

“Hey Girl, those aren’t grey hairs, they’re wisdom strands.”

“Hey Girl, do you want these washed in hot or cold?”

“Hey Girl, I love watching you through the windows I am washing.”

“Hey Girl, sorry if my hands are rough.  It is all the dishes I have been doing.”

“Hey Girl, how about some hot tea?  Then we can snuggle and watch Downton Abbey.”

“Hey Girl, cleaning tubs is my specialty.  Relax with this Brunello and trashy magazine.”

Had to get wine in there somewhere, right?  Play along.  What would Mr. G say to you?  And when you read this, Ryan, which I know you will since you read everything written about you, I am right here in Austin and I’d be happy to take you to the hotspots in town.   I know where they have the best playgrounds and children’s menus.  Bet Eva can’t say that.


It has been a while.  Life has gotten in the way.  Creativity has been stifled by a house full of sniffles, fevers, and general chaos.  I feel like I am just getting my feet under me again.  That should last for about 10-15 minutes.  There are times when I feel like I could write 8 blogs in a row.  I don’t because I know the bombardment of the banal would cause my few followers to jump ship, but, there are times it feels possible.  And then there are times like this past month. 

 I know you have all been there.  The minutia of motherhood (or work,relationships,commitments) becomes a constant static in your head.  There are no channels coming in clearly and you are going batty from the noise.  This past month I feel like my antennae have been broken.  Granted, I have been nursing sick kids, making Halloween costumes, suffering through allergies, while trying to keep up with everything that comes with life.  Not the most conducive atmosphere to pen (or type) anything of interest.  And yet, it is hard to see past the fog sometimes. 

In the fog, I question everything and the answers are usually negative.  I judge myself harshly.  I judge my husband harshly.  I question my decision-making and feel like I am failing at everything.  I look around at all the other women who seem to be doing (fill in the blank) so much better than I can.  They are juggling careers, kids, volunteering, and still have clean homes and a tight derriere.  What?  I can’t even shower before 5pm some days. 

And then the fog starts to lift, usually after a few decent nights of sleep, some exercise, and some alone time.  I remember that the comparison game is a slippery slope into depression.  I remind myself that each of my amazing friends possess talents that I do not, and I have some that they may not have.  In a recent study of Ecclesiastes, I was struck by one of Solomon’s bits of wisdom.  He said,”Better is the sight of the eyes than the wandering of desire; this also is vanity and chasing after the wind.”  I should be grateful for, and use the talents that I have, not compare them with the ones I do not have.  A wandering desire…yes, that too, is part of the fog.

So, at this point, you are probably asking yourself, “What does this have to do with wine?”  It doesn’t.  Whine, maybe, but not much about wine.  But, this blog is written by a Stay At Home Mom with not many opportunities to process.  So I am processing here.  On my blog.  A blog mostly about wine. which I promise to write about soon.  Promise.  Cheers.

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